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Marvellous Products Overseas

Marvellous Products Overseas is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Indian handicraft items made up of Brass, Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Wood, Glass, Leather, Steel, Silver etc. We have a wide product range to match the ever increasing need of customers.

Rightly called “Peetal Nagri”, Moradabad , is a place where people live the art in every aspect of life. Marvellous Products Overseas has taken up the rich handicrafts heritage of Moradabad and has become an inseperable part of the legacy of Indian handicraft that promises beauty, dignity and style that leave people mesmerized . Started in 1999 Marvellous Products Overseas takes pride in offering exotic handicraft items which speak of the quintessential quality.

We at Marvellous Products Overseas are famous for continuous and never ending improvement . We not only design innovative products but also customize them according to our customer requirements . This helps us in meeting and exceeding their expectations at every step.


Our export house puts its endeavour on expanding on these work of art, especially Giftware , Urns, Home decoratives, Fireplace accessories, Garden accessories and can supply you with wide range of products in these varieties . Marvellous Products Overseas mainly concentrates on the middle to high end product category. With proper logistics, efficient personnel and extremely professional management having experience and prime focus on quality and design, we meet the buying needs of our every client.


We have a clearly defined strategy governed by three values: Quality, Passion and Innovation. Our values permeate everything we do as a company.

  • Quality : Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is our highest priority. So we concentrate on quality services.
  • Passion : We design and fabricate beautiful art‐wares having aesthetic sense that reflects our passion for work.
  • Innovation : Research and development department continuously works to add a blend of creativity and uniqueness to our existing range.


We are happy to say that we have a manufacturing unit area at Moradabad, where hundreds of skilled labour and creative craft persons toil hard to manufacture the most marvelously designed products. And, to add on, we also have our own Powder Coating plant, lacquering plant, electroplating unit, manufacturing unit, in‐house box manufacturing unit, powder coating plants & polishing machines. To ensure steady uninterrupted production.


We specialize in product development , as per the customer specific needs. We understand that all needs cannot be same for every customer hence we strive to exceed their expectations.


Marvellous Products Overseas , having 100% export oriented and exporting its products to major developed and developing nations of the world like USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Greece, Italy and others. We are already working and have worked with many of the reputed buying houses and direct customers . We have also been approved by them as per their minimum norms wherever applicable.


Our customers for all these years have appreciated the creativity and uniqueness of our designs which have always been enamoured by the unmatched quality of our services. We believe in long‐term relationship with our customers so we take every possible care to ensure right delivery of goods and for that all our goods pass through different stages of quality inspection..

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